Pooler Home Sales in The Gates

May 14th, 2014

Pooler Home Sales in The Gates at Savannah Quarters are quite good.  This is a wonderful newer community with popular amenities including a pool, clubhouse, playground, and a boat and RV storage facility.  Located in Pooler, GA, The Gates at Savannah Quarters is 2 minutes from the intersection of I-16 and I-95.  It is 12 minutes from there to downtown Savannah and just 10 minutes to Savannah / Hilton Head International Airport.  Pooler is growing by leaps and bounds with popular restaurants including Longhorn, Olive Garden, Shanes Ribs, McDonalds, Wild Wings, Ruby Tuesday, Wendy’s, Logan’s Road House, and many others.  Pooler has 2 movie theatres including IMAX and plenty of shopping including a new Publix and Bi-Lo.  The new Tanger Outlet Mall is opening in Spring of 2015.


Community Pool at The Gates at Savannah Quarters in Pooler, GA

As you can see in the graph below, the price of Pooler home sales in The Gates are starting to increase.

SPSF History

Pooler Home Sales in The Gates

The price peaked in 2008 at about $112.  After a period of almost no sales the average price started to fall dramatically until a low of $95 was reached in early 2013.  Since then sales have increased dramatically (each blue diamond is a sale) and prices have rebounded dramatically with the trend currently at $112 with individual sale prices as high as $125 per square foot.  Pooler home sales in The Gates have risen in price by 15% in the last 12 months and still following that trend at this time.

What does this mean for a particular home?  The Eastgate plan, for example, has 2426 square feet.  An average new Eastgate model would be $271,712 according to this analysis.  The best Eastgate home in the community would be 2426 X $125 or $312,500 in value.


Eastgate Home at The Gates

For more information about current homes actively on the market for Pooler Home Sales in The Gates, you can get a complete listing here:





How to Stage My Home

May 13th, 2014

How to Stage My Home

Many of my customers get this step and some of them have a hard time accepting it. When asked How to Stage My Home, I provide a few simple instructions.   Most of us collect a lot of stuff over the years.  We like to display our toy train collection, antiques, family pictures, and other collectibles so we can share our memories with family and friends.  It’s unlikely that your potential buyers are family or friends.  Even if they are interested in Mortimer’s kindergarten graduation picture or your fly fishing collection, they are just distracting them from paying attention to your house.  You need to draw their attention to you home and only your home.  You want your home and every room in it to look big.  You want your closets to look like you have more space than you need, so box up your off season and rarely worn clothes and store them.  If you have 15 things on your fireplace mantle, box of 12 of them and get them ready for the move.  If you have a dozen items hanging on the dining room wall, pack up 9 of them.  Don’t forget to fill the touch up the nail holes.


Remove most of the items from your kitchen counter tops and everything from your refrigerator door and sides.  If your home needs any minor repairs, go ahead and take care of them.  Keep the outside ready to show as well.  If your home needs power washing, get it done.  Nothing can recover from a bad impression before the buyer even gets in the door.  Buyers are very concerned about the dangers of black mold these days because the media has highlighted it.  Unfortunately, they don’t understand that the green stuff or black mildew on your vinyl siding is not black mold and it doesn’t indicate black mold is in your home.  So why create an issue?  Get is washed.  Cleanliness and decluttering are key parts of How to Stage My Home.

If possible, have a professional home stager come in after you have done the basics to get more ideas of How to Stage My Home.  Contact me if you need a stager and I can put you in touch with a good one.  You should be able to get a home staging consultation with a written guide for about $150.  You can even have the home staged for you for about $450 for a mid sized home.

Check my next blog for a continuation of the series How to Sell My Home.


How to Sell My Home

November 12th, 2013


One of the questions I get all the time is How to Sell My Home.  Whether you hire a Realtor or sell your home yourself, there are a lot of things you can do to increase your chances of a quick sale at the best price.  If you have searched for a new home yourself recently, you most likely started your search on the Internet, or at least you used the Internet for a good part of your search efforts.  After all, you can cover a lot more territory and quickly find the best fit for you in location, price, and features by searching one or more of the many home sales websites.  85% of home buyers do the same thing, so when I’m asked How to Sell My Home, I start with the importance of the Internet and making your home look as attractive as possible on the Multiple Listing Service if you have a Realtor, or whatever websites you may be using.




When you search for your dream home on the Internet, you want to see PICTURES, right?  and VIRTUAL TOURS really get your attention.  It’s not just about dry statistics like 3BR, 2BA, 2 car garage.  You need to have beautiful pictures that engage the emotions.  When I’m asked How to Sell My Home, I emphasize the pictures and encourage the use of virtual tours because that’s what draws buyers to your home.  The quality of the pictures is going to make a huge difference in engaging Buyers.  You need to use a decent camera, not your phone.  You are going to need to use a powerful flash to make the room look bright because you are going to be shooting towards the windows most of the time.  The bright light outdoors is going to fool your phone camera into an average exposure that will give you a big white blur where the window is supposed to be and a dark room that you can’t see either.  Of course you can always point the camera away from the window.  So now you are showing a picture of a bedroom that consists of a nice bed with a blank wall behind it, and the bed doesn’t come with the house.  Don’t even bother with that picture – it tells your buyer nothing.

If you are serious about How to Sell My Home, I highly recommend getting a good virtual tour like this one:  http://fusion.realtourvision.com/18046

A virtual tour really captures the imagination and lets the buyer get a feel for your house.  You want to create an emotional experience.  Again, the quality of the 360 degree panorama and the other pictures is critical.

Check back later this week for Part 2 of How to Sell My Home which will feature Staging.